Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who provided the funding for Bicycle Revolution?

This film was funded by about a dozen small grants from diverse educational programs at the Claremont Colleges in southern California.  The universities themselves had no influence on the content or perspective of the film, which emerged from the views of the participants in the experience and from the decisions of filmmakers Dr. Paul Steinberg and Kevin Foxe.

  • Are you affiliated with any particular organization?

This is an independent, nonprofit project headed by Dr. Paul Steinberg and his students at Harvey Mudd College.  We are not affiliated with any particular advocacy organization or narrow policy agenda.  We welcome the diversity of ideas required to bring about equitable transitions to bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly cities.

  • I want to create change in my community.  Where do I start?

We’re so glad to hear you want to be a change-maker! The best way to get started is to check out the links under the “Get Involved” and “Resources” tabs of our website. If you’re not already part of a local cycling advocacy or bike club, find your local organization. If you are the leader of a cycling advocacy or bike club, we encourage you to join our Facebook group, which is intended to be a hub for bicycle advocacy conversations. If you want advice, support, or collaboration from one of our many other experienced and amateur bikers on how to engage with local government, advocate for better bike infrastructure, or get more community members involved—just post! And, if you just want to learn more about this whole cycling thing in general, we have curated a few helpful and easy-to-digest articles and infographics from around the web describing the current issues in cycling.

  • I’d like to host a screening in my organization.  What’s involved?

It’s easy! We are committed to making sure that screenings are affordable for groups of all sizes and resource endowments.  Please see the “Host a screening” link here or under “Get Involved” tab at the top of the page. On that page, you’ll find many more details about how to host a screening and get an audience, along with a Google Form for you to send us some information about your organization and get materials to start planning a screening.