Hear the Music

The diversity of the Los Angeles region comes alive with music from these amazing local artists featured in our film. Listen to the songs featured in the documentary below, and click on the links to hear more of the artist’s music.  

Red Pears in studio

The Red Pears

When we asked KSPC’s dj diA and Samantha Nuno to recommend great local bands, they pointed us to The Red Pears – and we’ve been fans ever since.  Henry Vargas and Jose Corona continue a decades-long tradition of talented bands rocking the city of El Monte, one of the birthplaces of rock ‘n’ roll.

Tashaki Miyaki

Tashaki Miyaki

In their debut album, the distinctly Los Angeles duo of Paige Stark and Luke Paquin lend their lush sounds to the cityscapes of southern California.  The effect of all that beauty and melancholy is simply mesmerizing.

Indian Summer Indian Summer

When Los Angeles local Ryan Flook’s reflective and hard-driving anthem offers up the refrain “crawling back to you,” we can’t help but think of traffic-jammed suburbanites crawling their way toward a vision of more vibrant urban spaces.  It’s an honor to have his music in the mix.

The Pezheads

The Pezheads
“Sophisticated Girl”

In her own words, Pomona High student Lealani Teano describes The Pezheads as “just one spunky steezy artsy fartsy teenage girl.”  We would remove the word “just” from that description – Teano displays fearless, phenomenal soul.  This sassy surf tune was just the thing for our ride to Westside LA.


“Hear the World”

Sure, Diners hail from Phoenix, not Los Angeles – but this sweet and sardonic tune is so perfect for our urban odyssey that we hereby anoint singer/songwriter Tyler Broderick as an honorary Angeleno.

Unending Thread

The Unending Thread 
“Foar Boxxy” 

Hailing from Van Nuys, songwriter Cesar Alas and co-conspirators Kim Reyes and Julian Tallman-Rogantini provide a jazz punk accompaniment to our film reels on wheels. Their tumblr tagline says it all: “emotional experimental band from Southern California kind of.”



Geotic is the brainchild of Will Wiesenfeld, a classically trained musician living in the San Fernando Valley, whose flowing rhythms are as inviting as a bike path to the beach. “I see it as being a comfortable middle ground between that crazy hyper-emotive EDM [electronic dance music] and the hyper minimal deep dark club stuff,” Wiesenfeld says. We’re especially pleased to see Will riding a bike in one of his outrageously funny videos.

Indian Hill

Indian Hill
“Indian Hill”  

Novica Bozunovich and Kenneth Lee Ray recorded this gorgeous song on Indian Hill Boulevard in the city of Claremont, home to the Bicycle Revolution class. Perhaps this uplifting tune will inspire the community to make this particular street, which is the city’s major north-south corridor, safer for cyclists.

Justus Proffit

Justus Proffit
“Big Man”  

This song came to us through two degrees of sound separation. We discovered Justus Proffit’s music while caffeinating in Augie’s Coffee House in Claremont. We asked the barista, who happens to be a musician who jams with JP, and voila – a collaboration is born.

Blue Eyed Son

Blue-Eyed Son
“The Wheel”  

Catch us “rollin’ on by” to the tune of the Santa Barbara-based Blue-Eyed Son, aka Andrew Heilprin. We thought this rollicking, bluesy rock n’ roll anthem was a perfect fit to accompany our rides – plus, the aptly-titled song name made it a shoe-in for the soundtrack.